Irina Derevjova

Irina was born in the former Soviet Union, and began her training in the classical Vaganova ballet technique at a professional ballet school in Ukraine at the age of 10.  After graduating at 18, she joined the Dnepropetrovsk Ballet Company, based at the state opera house, with whom she toured throughout the USSR for several years.  Her schooling and experience is the equivalency of a bachelor’s degree in fine arts with a concentration in dance.  In 1992, Irina moved to the U.S. and taught at the Karen Sachs Academy of Dance for 2 years, before moving to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.  There she opened up her own very successful ballet school.  She is back in the U.S. now for 10 years and is very happy to be with us again. She is the Instructional Coordinator of the academy for the junior ballet company, senior ballet company and pointe company.  She also teaches non-company ballet and tap/ballet to our 3-7 year olds.  Mrs Irina is delighted to see how her students improve every year!