Class Descriptions

We offer numerous styles of dance for students of all ages and levels. 


Perfect for any dancer who also enjoys being upside down! This class will teach different skill sets and tricks depending that will progress from beginner to advanced abilities. This class may require placement to ensure everyone is in the right class per individual abilities. Please call if this class interests you.

Adult Classes

New to the schedule and requested by popular demand: Hip Hop and Tap! These classes are counted separately from family tuition. Adult drop in prices are $10 per class or you may purchase a 10 class package for $75! Come move and groove with Ms. Katie and boogie down with your besties! 


There is no such thing as taking too much ballet! Mrs. Heather and Mrs. Irina are both ballet specialists on our team so be sure to have your dancer check out their classes!

Boys Hip Hop

Open to all boys age 8 and older! For any boy younger, we would like to see how they take the class the first week of dance to ensure the class is a perfect fit for your King!

Combo Classes (Ballet/Tap)

Perfect for any dancer age 3-7! The combo class includes a half hour of tap and a half hour of ballet. We finish each class with our special Fairy Princess (Fairy King for boys) dress up game as a reward for best behavior! Students age 5 and up have the option to enroll in an intro class in addition to their combo class.


Sign your dancer up in a conditioning class to help them build strength and endurance while working on full body circuits, weight training, and cardio.

Hip Hop

A relaxed and freer style of dance which allows students to move and groove openly.

Intro Classes

Open to any dancer age 5 and up registered in a combo class. Options include hip hop on Tuesdays with Ms. Katie and/or Jazz on Saturdays with Ms. Jessica.


An upbeat form of dance that includes technique and skills in its curriculum. It takes high energy and sass to set the theme of the style while students will learn and work on turns, leaps, extensions, balance, and progressions moving across the floor.


A wonderful option for students age 7 and up who want to express themselves through movement and interpretation of music and dance while gaining poise, confidence, and grace!


Leaps, Extensions, & Turns (LET) is open for advanced and serious dancers looking to improve their technical skills and abilities. LET expands dance training for multiple genres of dance including jazz, lyrical, musical theater, and ballet. If interested, please let us know and we will place your dancer if they are really looking to build up their skills.


The combination of making music with melodies, rhythms, and the sound of your feet! Dancers will be tapping their way through the class in the center of the floor, at the barre, and going across the floor; while learning new steps, vocabulary, and ways to combine all the steps they already know.