The award-winning Karen Sachs Dance Company (competition team) is for students who are ready to learn skills at a much faster and more challenging pace while still having fun. There are numerous teams within company, and each routine is grouped based on a combination of factors, including age and ability.

Dancers must audition for company, and - if selected - commit to both technique and choreography classes as indicated for their placements. Company members attend four (4) regional competitions between the months of March and May, with an optional 5th competition based on our dancers' interest and availability.  Some summers, we bring routines to Nationals during the months of June or July.

We also offer company members performance opportunities within the community, including one of our favorites: dancing in the Reisterstown Parade! 

Most importantly, students will have numerous team building activities to strengthen their bonds and friendships with one another. This creates memories that will last a lifetime. We take a lot of pride and put a great deal of effort into making sure that our team feels like a family. We aim for positivity, encouragement, and respect for one another, always.    


Auditions at KSAD should be stress-free for the kids. It's ok if they forget a step or don't pick up choreography immediately-these are not deal breakers. Some aspects that teachers are looking for include personality, eagerness to learn, effort, dedication, and most importantly, respect. To give everyone a fair chance and to make new students feel welcome, we ask all students to wear name badges with numbers. We do not want returning students to act like auditions aren't important if they were on the team previously. We want all students to come in fresh, ready to learn new combinations with new teammates, and have fun doing so. Talking should be limited unless students are asking their teacher questions about the combination. 

If your child does not make a team-please try not to let it discourage them. We offer numerous classes each week during the year to build up their skills and confidence in hopes they will try again and keep pursuing.

The KSAD team is a privilege for students and teachers to be a part of. Teachers appreciate the dedication you and your families give to them. They have artistic visions that would not come together without the team's commitment.

Auditions generally occur in early-to-mid June. If you've missed auditions, but would like more information, please contact us!